Skinception Scar Cream

Skinception Scar Cream Review

Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ scar reduction therapy is promoted to help diminish the look of most scars. No mention is made that the product is helpful for keloid scars. There is no information suggesting that this product is formulated with 100% silicone ingredients. The manufacturer of Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ does not offer a Buy 2, Get 1 Free special to reduce the cost of the product. To see how Skinception™ DERMEFFACE FX7™ compares to other scar creams, please refer to our product review grid.

As stated by the manufacturer, Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ reduces scarring of multiple origins. The manufacturer claims that Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ is suitable for acne, burn, chicken pox, surgery and hypertrophic scars. On the company’s website, the manufacturer suggests that Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ fades discolorations, flattens, smooth’s and diminishes the appearance of scars.

Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ Features:

• Formulated for both old & New scars
• Does Not contain 100% silicone ingredients
• Not marketed for use on Keloid scars
• Does not offer Buy2, Get 1 Free special

Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ Details:

Form: Cream
Size: 0.5 oz
Instructions: Please refer to the application section on the product label.
Ingredients: Please review the ingredient section on the product label.

Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ Therapy Results:

According to the manufacturer, with twice daily application you may begin seeing results in the first 4 weeks of use.

Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ Therapy Conclusion:

Skinception™ DERMEFFACE FX7™ is intended for most scars, but the manufacturer does not state that Skinception™ DERMEFFACE FX7™ is made of 100% silicone ingredients. As stated by the manufacturer, Skinception™ Dermefface FX7™ is marketed to help flatten, smooth, fade discolorations, and itching and flakiness should not be a problem with the deep, penetrating moisturization of the product.


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