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AcuScar Review

Reduce the Appearance of your Scar, with AcuScar™ Silicone Scar Gel

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AcuScar™ Features

• Formulated to Reduce Appearance of Most Scar Types, Including Keloids
• Promoted to Diminish both Old & New Scars
• Contains 100% Silicone-Based Ingredients
• Buy 2 Get 1 Free Special Offered

Additional Key Benefits:

• Soften and Fades the Visibility of Scars
• Formulated for all Skin Types
• Helps to Temporarily Reduce Discomforts often Associated with Scars like Redness, Itchiness, and Irritation
• Provides a Shield to Seal in Moisture, and Keep Out Environment and Air Irritants

Order AcuScar™ today to visibly diminish the look and feel of your scar.

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AcuScar™ is an advanced silicone formula that is designed to help soften and reduce the appearance of both new and existing scars. The 100% silicone ingredient formula helps moisturize and shield the scar area from dirt, debris, and environment irritants. Due to the powerful moisturizing properties of the formula, AcuScar™ can also help temporarily reduce discomforts often associated with scars such as redness, itchiness, and irritation.

AcuScar™ is an affordable option that works on all types of scars such as keloids, hypertrophic, surgery, burns, and accidental.

AcuScar™ Details:

AcuScar™ Form: Gel
AcuScar™ Size: 1 oz.
AcuScar™ Instructions: Apply a thin coat of AcuScar™ to the scar area. After a few minutes has been observed and the product has had an adequate time to absorb in you may remove any excess gel by dabbing the area. This may help the area to dry. For maximum effectiveness, AcuScar™ should be applied twice daily: once in the morning and again in the evening, for a continuous eight weeks. Applications should be continued until results are no longer visible.
AcuScar™ Ingredients: 100% silicone ingredients

AcuScar™ Results:

Typical results may be seen within 60-90 days. Scars vary in size, severity of skin injury or trauma, along with how the individual wound healing progresses all of which can affect the final appearance of the scar and results from the product use.

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